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Much to the astonishment of my High School English teacher I turned out to be a darn good writer, especially after I bought a computer that had spell check. 
Although many an editor has caught a missing comma or semicolon in my numerous magazine articles, my stories all contain certain ³flair² or ³style² that is uniquely mine.
I¹ve always written my own copy for the various TV specials and documentaries I¹ve produced, and for the most part putting words to paper comes easily to me.
With that said, while working as Executive Producer for Fox TV in Dallas I was handed the task of creating and writing a new kids series that aired every weekday afternoon.
Most people have a writing staff for daily series, however I was the Executive Producer, Director and only writer.  The show was based around a teenage girl, KC, who found a creature from outer space that morphed itself into a TV set. 
KC¹s best friend was a local DJ named, ³The Beamer.² Another character was The Spy Guy, played by yours truly, he was hunting down the space alien that was hiding in the Kid¹s Club Clubhouse and each episode KC and the Beamer did their best hide the creature while teaching the alien about life on planet earth.
The show was basically was a sit-com for kids with various educational and entertainment themes stitched into the fabric of the show.
In addition to doing the Kids Club I also had several other shows to over see.  There was many a time when I spent all night working on the next day's script. Show Biz! Ya gotta' love it.
After leaving Texas I moved to the middle of nowhere, well actually it wasn¹t really in the middle of nowhere, but you could see nowhere from my backyard. 
Mound House Nevada was where I chose to hunker down and polish my writing skills.  I was living in what amounted to a large cement and stone garage that resembled an apartment. It was ocated20-minutes from Carson City and 40-minutes from Reno and three blocks from the infamous Moonlight Bunny Ranch.
The Comstock became my ³Walden¹s Pond,² and from my  sparse cement structure I set up my typewriter, yes, I said typewriter, and began to crank out a handful of stories and scripts with aspirations of someday seeing them on the silver screen. .
To augment my income I also began writing for a potpourri of national magazines on a variety of subjects ranging from a cover story on Ronald Reagan to Rocky, a wind surfing hound dog.  And, I also turned out hundreds of martial arts articles for Black Belt, Inside Kung Fu, etc.
My love for animals is apparent in the many pet stories I¹ve written.  One of my favorite articles, ³Always Faithful² for PetLife magazine is the true story about the dogs that served in the Pacific during WW2 and their human Counterparts. 
Bill Putney, The commander of the War Dog Platoon spent countless hours telling me how he trained the dogs and about their individual and unique personalities and how they fought and died beside their handlers during the fight for Guam and Saipan.
Just prior to his death, Bill gave me the task of getting their story on the big screen. So I dedicated myself to telling his story and I hope someday to get that script into the hands of someone that can do him and his four legged marines proud; they deserve nothing less.
I also have written several interesting feature film scripts, one is a true story based on the time back in the 60¹s when I sat in the window of a restaurant in downtown Oxford Ohio, (home of Miami University of Ohio) and played the hits of the day for 200-hours non-stop, setting a world¹s record for continuous broadcasting in the process.
The story is like a blend of Animal House meets American Graffiti.
If anyone is interested in perusing my material just shoot me an email, and in ³Hollywood² vernacular, ³we¹ll do lunch.²

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